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Nano Ring vs Tape Hair Extensions

As many of you know I live and breathe Nano Ring extensions - they are the only ones I would wear and therefore the only ones I would put in your hair 💁🏼‍♀️

In my opinion Nano Rings are better here is why:

Tiny Nano Beads that match your root colour make them more discreet unlike the tapes ✅

Tapes are applied using heat and glue - Nano Rings there is No Glue so no sticky mess ✅

Individual strands mean they move more freely and look more natural ✅

It’s easier to tie your hair up and cover nano tips than it is to hide tapes ✅

Maintenance is quicker and easier - Beads are removed and a new bead is applied to a new piece of hair - Tapes all of them have to be removed - hair has to be washed and the tapes need to be re glued before being re applied ✅

Nano Tip hair can be used over and over again the tape hair can only be used a few times before having to be replaced ✅

nano ring hair extensions
Nano Tip extensions


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