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The Hair Type is one of the most important decisions when purchasing extensions and it can also be one of the most confusing – there are too many suppliers and technicians who don't know what they are doing or misleading the consumer on purpose.


The reason for this is that most hair vendors cannot get real Virgin European or Russian Hair and they usually don’t understand and mistakenly imagine that if the hair states that it is 100% human hair from Europe / Russia it is the superior quality that people want!

Maybe this introduction sounds a little harsh to you, but the truth needs to be told, because too many uninformed people are getting ripped off:






Many suppliers source hair online and are told it is 100% Human hair from Brazil or Russia which it may well be however the hair is not Raw or Virgin and is usually over processed, most of the hair has been treated with Silicone Oil which makes this type of hair to look "silky" at first, but invariably, it is hair that has been Acid Processed and chemically straightened meaning the hair will not last very long. To begin with the hair looks nice; but it has been coated with silicone oil to add shine and body to the hair. However, after a few washes the silicone layer starts to wash out. 


Real Un Processed European or Russian Hair should last you 12 – 24 months … If you have been sold “Russian” or “European” Hair and it has become dry after just a few washes it is over processed!




The processed hair used by many salons and technicians are always machine rolled!  This means the tips are bulky and no where near as discreet as La Bella Hair Extensions (see Gallery) the vendors mainly use cheap versions of supposed keratin glues which become soft and sticky within a couple of washes making the extensions un manageable and unpleasant to wear!   


La Bella Hair Extensions only use the highest quality Keratin Glue to ensure it will stay firm and durable allowing you to enjoy your extensions without a worry!




The Colour!! 


All processed hair is mass produced this means the colours are standard and almost impossible to match to any natural hair. Our European, Russian and Virgin Indian hair is all hand coloured specifically to our clients needs – You will not find a Yellow, Orange or Pink blonde in sight (unless you request it of course!)




La Bella Hair Extensions are only available through our technicians (see contact us) and we do not supply to any salons or other technicians.


ALL La Bella Technicians use various types of Hair as you can see on our other page (Hair Types) – Our Indian Temple, European and Russian hair is Raw Virgin 100% Human Remy Hair. All the hair is double drawn for thickness then gently hand coloured to ensure the quality is not compromised and finally hand tipped (La Bellas Secret!) for ultimate perfection.  




Nano Ring Hair Extensions | London | Kent

"I'm so lucky I found Lauren! The day Lauren did my hair my confidence went up 100%"

Natalie, Maidstone

"I am over the moon with my hair extensions I have had these for two years now and would never go back!"

Louise, Greenhithe

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