Aftercare and Maintenance is vital for keeping your hair looking and feeling amazing without putting any stress on your own hair. 


Please do not consider having extensions if you are unable to keep up with a regular maintenance plan. The hair extensions must be maintained every 6 weeks by one of our trained technicians to ensure the safety of your hair.  They must also always be removed by one of our technicians as this is when damage can also occur.

On Consultation you will be provided with a copy of our aftercare advise which you must read and follow - also follow our blog page for some top tips to keeping them beautiful!




At your 6 week maintenance you will have the Nano Tips removed and reapplied using a new Nano Ring. This is vital as the hair may become stressed with the weight of the hair extension as it is only held in by roughly 25 strands of your own hair.


During the rotation the Nano bead will be removed and any shedding of hair combed out.   The extension can then be attached to a fresh piece of hair consisting of approximately 40 stands of your own hair. 

It is normal to loose a few extensions between maintenance, 2 a week on average however if you loose more than this amount you must contact your technician as you may not be caring for them correctly.






Maintenance is required every 6 weeks and

pricing is as follows:


Full Head Maintenance £75

3/4 Head Maintenance £65

½ head Maintenance £55

Full details of the Maintenance plan and Aftercare information is provided on
your consultation.

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