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La Bella Technicians use various types of Hair depending on our clients needs

our European, Brazilian and Russian hair is Raw Virgin 100% Human Remy Hair.

All the hair is double drawn for thickness then gently hand coloured to ensure the quality is not compromised and finally hand tipped (La Bella's Secret!) for ultimate perfection. 



This hair is mainly sourced from Spain and Italy. Purchased in its raw form, and only the finest, cuticle correct hair is selected. It is available in its Raw Virgin state and can be gently bleached to the lightest platinum blonde. In the Brunette colours the hair will last 12  to 18 months with the correct care and in the lightest Blonde colours the hair will last around 6 to 8 months with the correct after care. The hair is beautifully soft and blends naturally. It is affordable luxury and gives a natural looking result and excellent manageability.



If you have very  spiral or corkscrew like naturally curly hair our Brazilian Naturally Curly (NOT PERMED)  range is simply perfect for you!  Although naturally slightly coarser in texture to European or Russian hair, still beautifully shiny, robust and most importantly… will not lose it’s natural curl.  It is worth noting that due to the nature of very curly hair, general maintenance can be more challenging than other hair types. The hair should last around the same time as our European hair.



Anybody who knows anything about hair is fully aware that this is the ultimate. Hair merchants and suppliers all over the world try to find this hair but most of them fail to succeed due to the limited availability of real Virgin Russian Hair and its REAL cost. This hair is of the purest, silkiest most beautiful quality you can find. Yes, it is expensive but if you want hair that will last you up to 2 years and have the money to spend this is the one for you!




La Bella Nano Ring Hair Extensions | London | Kent
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