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Hair Extensions and Damage!

Hair extensions get quite a bad rep when it comes to damage and id like to set the record straight! You may see in the media, pictures of bald celebrities who complain about hair extensions HOWEVER the damage is only caused through people NOT caring for their hair correctly! Many Celebrities have their hair styled on almost a daily basis - BIG BLOW DRIES, PIN CURLS, HAIR PULLED UP TIGHT INTO ALL SORTS OF STYLES, WEARING TOO MANY EXTENSIONS etc. All of these things overtime can cause traction alopecia. Pulling on the extensions will of course put unnecessary strain on your natural hair and can lead to hair loss. If you follow our after care and advice, keep with your regular maintenance and occasionally give your hair a break you will keep your hair safe. This photo is one of our clients from original fitting, then 6 months later (when she also when whiter!) and then 6 months on again. You may always feel your hair is a little thinner after wearing extensions for some time due to the weight of the extensions however it is mainly because you are used to having so much extra hair!... If you are concerned please always feel free to give us a call.

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