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La Bella vs COVID19

Covid 19 announcement

After last nights announcement from the British Government, La Bella Technicians have been left with no choice other than to cease trading until further notice.

We are all heartbroken at the prospect of having to stop work however we realise how important this is to protect not only our families but also our clients. We understand many of you will have concerns around your extensions and maintenance appointments being left so long however this is now out of our control.

We are hoping that business will resume in three weeks and all technicians will contact clients to rebook them in over the next few days. We hope that we will be trading again from week commencing 13th April, but again will follow government orders.

I have detailed below some advice on how to care for your extensions over the coming weeks. If you are over due a maintenance it is important you follow our advice and take extra care to prevent any damage to your own hair.

  1. Wash your hair as little as possible to prevent extra pulling when drying / styling.

  2. Loosely place your hair in a plait to prevent over brushing throughout the day.

  3. If any extensions are hanging excessively low and feel they may fall out, hold the root and slide the extension out.

  4. When washing your hair ensure you separate each extension at the root to prevent matting

  5. Try not to fiddle and play with your extensions as much as possible, we are all aware how hard this is when you are due maintenance!

  6. Contact your technicians if you have any issues or questions

We hope you and your family keep healthy and safe during these worrying times and we look forward to seeing you when it’s all over ❤️ La Bella Hair Extensions ❤️

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