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La Bella's Most Discreet Hair Extensions

You may be on a train or in a supermarket noticing that the lady standing in front of you has every extension bead or hair weft on show, you may be watching Love Island or the latest episode of Towie and notice every micro bead standing out like a sore thumb even when their hair is down, not a good look I'm sure you will agree!! (In the defence of some technicians, clients can be stubborn when it comes to placement and want their extensions high up or close to the front which is a personal choice). All La Bella technicians will place your extensions so they are not seen when your hair is up or down, our Nano ring technique is one of the most discreet available so you are in safe hands. We also ensure the colour of the nano bead matches your root where it is attached rather than the colour of the hair making the join seamless <3

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