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Hair Extensions and Damage! FAQ

Do hair extensions Damage your hair? Hair extensions have come a LONG way over the past few years and Nano rings are one of the safest methods available! Our Nano Rings are silicone lined so soft on your hair - with regular maintenance and following the correct aftercare we provide you with you will see no damage to your hair - over years of wearing extensions the weight can make your hair feel slightly thinner but there will be no breakages or bald patches after wearing our nano rings - La Bella Technicians use the correct pliers to ensure the beads are popped opened safely (not snapped!) they are removed on every maintenance and a new ring applied to a new piece of hair meaning no strain is put on your natural hair for any long period of time! This photo is before her fitting and after 10 months of wearing our extensions - our clients hair has grown and of course needs a trim but as you can see its still lovely and healthy! If you have any concerns before committing to extensions just give us a call to discuss!

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